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Variable-data printing

At Jarvis Press, our advanced digital solutions allow you to personalize printed materials with customer names, demographics, images, rewards and much more. You’ll connect with your customers like never before, maximizing the return on your print investment and lowering your cost-per-response.



Now you can print “just-in-time” instead of “just-in-case.” Print-on-demand reduces both costly inventory storage and materials obsolescence.


Increase the WOW factor

Need to add some pop to your marketing? How about metallic touches or dimensional texture added to direct mail to increase appeal and sophistication? That’s where dimensional coating and metallic ink come in—ask about these and other additions we offer that can help your printed pieces stand out.

Our advanced digital presses and programming knowledge allow

us to handle the most challenging deadline-driven projects.




From sheetfed to high-speed roll-fed.


Our sheetfed printing is ideal for medium quantity commercial runs of 10,000 units to 100,000 units. When you need efficient printing for higher quantities, we also feature high-speed roll-fed presses that are perfect for FSIs, magazines and other inserts.


Jarvis Press offers a wide range of printing processes including:


Four Color Process  |  Pantone™ Matching  |  Specialty Inks  |  Unique Coatings  |  Unique Paper Stocks


Dallas Printing Company, Digital Printing Dallas, Direct Mail Dallas, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Offset PrintingAs a G7 Master Certified Printer, we bring you the advanced technology, techniques and standards to meet your visual expectations every step of the way, from first proof to final print.



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Direct Mail


With a dedicated advanced mailing department, we manage everything from global direct mail campaigns to working with the USPS® to process your Priority Mail® shipments. Our deep experience with the USPS and our integrated package and automated mailing services can often secure discounts across the entire postal service.



In-house postal presorting (1st class and Standard mail)

NCOA and CASS™ certification

Personalized variable data mailers and data merging for large lists

De-duping mailing lists

Automation discounts


Our extensive variable data printing capabilities allows for changes in text, images or graphics from one piece to the next, without slowing down printing. You’ll create materials uniquely personalized for each recipient, creating a memorable experience designed to turn new consumers into lifelong customers.

Combine our advanced logistics expertise with variable data personalization to increase response rates & lower customer acquisition costs.

Presentation is key at Jarvis Press.


Whether it's in-line binding and mailing, specialty coatings or print techniques, we deliver unique finishing services to get the most out of your printed designs.


RR Donnelley’s network of print facilities features cost-effective, in-line and offline bindery capabilities for folding, perforating, numbering, sealing and mailing. And you can enhance designs with soft touch and metallic coatings, standard varnishes and aqueous coats, and stochastic, hexachrome and precision color match print techniques.



See how our diverse finishing services can help elevate your next print project!


















We provide packaging, storing and distributing materials as well.


Many clients use our fulfillment services to help manage their print inventory, providing "just-in-time" assembly and delivery of customized materials to end users. Our nationwide network of 12 fulfillment hubs is ideal for large-scale projects. And, our proprietary technology applied across our more than one million square feet of combined distribution center operations, helps to provide you with access to more accurate inventory levels, automatic inventory balancing, 24/7 real-time reporting and much more.











Dallas Printing Company, Digital Printing Dallas, Direct Mail Dallas, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Offset Printing

The smartest solution to your print & fulfillment needs


WorkSmart Suite is an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing and managing break-through campaigns. You can adopt the entire suite or choose individual applications to meet specific needs.



Streamline: Increase access, improve control, eliminate waste and reduce total cost of ownership with the online tool that streamlines print purchasing, inventory management and distribution.



Connect: Create highly engaging campaigns that reach consumers in truly unique ways. We’re leading a revolution in direct marketing that links personalized print and electronic media together for an unforgettable consumer experience.



Organize: Manage, protect and facilitate intelligent use of your company’s valuable digital assets with our powerful, feature-rich online asset management solution.



Technology that Works for You™

Everything we do at Jarvis Press starts with your needs. Our sales consultants explore your unique challenges, offer fresh ideas and draw from our WorkSmart Suite platform to create custom solutions engineered to advance your goals and help capture a wider audience.

In under 2 minutes, we tell you why personalizing your marketing matters.

One-to-One Marketing


Consumers are tired of being treated like a number. Actually, they’re not tired of it, they’re over it. And that’s why personalized marketing matters for any brand looking for long-term customer loyalty.


Consumers, aka your customers, place a high value on being acknowledged as an individual. They have increasingly come to expect a personalized customer experience from the brands they remain loyal to. Think Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix — the digital platforms rated by consumers to provide the best personalized experience, according to a recent report.


We define personalization as one-to-one marketing in the truest sense — one brand speaking directly to one customer. Personalization integrates customer information into a content delivery framework so that specific services or offers become highly relevant and highlighted accordingly.


Jarvis Press provides a spectrum of solutions designed to connect any brand with any audience. Our vast network includes technologically-advanced facilities offering digital, web, and large format presses along with advanced finishing capabilities and excellent customer service. We can create personalized communications with our variable print technologies that leverage demographic information, content consumption, and more, for unique B2B and B2C campaigns.


We take our responsibility to the environment seriously.


Sustainability matters to all of us. That’s why we continuously seek new and better ways to conserve and curate resources in a way that keeps the Earth’s forests thriving and clean.

FSC® International


We’re certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, including their chain-of-custody accounting system that tracks fiber content from production and manufacturing to the end product. This allows us to show you how much of our product comes from certified lands, how much contains recycled content, and how much is non-certified/non-controversial forest content.


We also offer environmentally-sound soybean oil inks (rather than petroleum-based products), naturally lower in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause air pollution.

Dallas Printing Company, Digital Printing Dallas, Direct Mail Dallas, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Offset Printing


In addition, Jarvis Press is Forest Stewardship Council® certified. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) regulates environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.


From down the street to across the world,

RR Donnelley brings you ideas that connect.


Jarvis Press, an RR Donnelley company, is part of a complete, integrated network of RR Donnelley facilities across North America.  RR Donnelley is a global provider of integrated communication solutions. RR Donnelley works collaboratively with more than 60,000 customers worldwide to develop solutions that help reduce costs, drive top-line growth, and enhance ROI.

Dallas Printing Company, Digital Printing Dallas, Direct Mail Dallas, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Offset Printing

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Dave Carpenter



Headquartered in Chicago, RR Donnelley is a global provider of integrated communications solutions. The company works collaboratively with more than 60,000 customers worldwide to develop solutions that reduce costs, drive top-line growth, enhance ROI and increase compliance.

Account Management Team

Dave  - President
Dave Carpenter has been in the print industry for twenty-five years and became President of Jarvis Press in 2016. He has a passion for the print medium and is excited about Jarvis's ability to enhance traditional printing with highly sophisticated variable digital printing capabilities. Jarvis is unique to Dave because of the culture: “We have a long-tenured family at Jarvis. Employees have the experience and autonomy to make decisions quickly, allowing us to meet tight deadlines and produce quality work for our clients.“


Gilbert Alonzo is V.P. Operations for Jarvis Press. He has worked in commercial printing since 1992 in various roles including management of Prepress, Press, and Bindery departments. To Gilbert, Jarvis is unique because "we are a premier quick turn VDP commercial print facility that prides itself on its accuracy and attention to detail."

Working in print for over 30 years, Bruce has seen continuous changes that have challenged the industry- most recently being the shift to digital data-driven projects. He enjoys seeing clients embrace this new area after explaining the benefits and guiding them through the learning process. To Bruce, Jarvis is unique because “even though we are part of the RR Donnelley network, we are still run and managed on a local level where decisions can be made quickly.”


Chase began his career at Jarvis 18 years ago and believes his longevity at the company is due to his involvement in the Leadership Development Program. As part of the program, he actively worked in different departments, gaining new insights to the print industry and helping him become a well rounded account executive.


Chris Rozier has been in the print industry since 2003. He has always enjoyed manufacturing and the science behind how products are made. He has a customer service and production planning background and is always committed to delivering a quality product on time.


Marilynn is approaching her 27th year with Jarvis Press and finds that her experience in print, coupled with her time spent in corporate marketing and ad agencies gives her customers the advantage of someone who can understand their needs and partner with them. Her favorite thing about the print industry is the daily challenges and the ability to offer a vast array of print and cutting edge technology products to her customers.


Mike Ritchie has been in the print industry for 38 years. He has done everything from working on a press to running a company to print sales. He enjoys watching a complex project come to fruition and the feeling that a part of him made it work.


Rob enjoys how the print industry always keeps him on his toes, never knowing exactly what the next day is going to hold. He has been with Jarvis for 20 years and believes his ability to listen to clients, anticipate situations and provide solutions make him stand out as an account executive.


To Scott, Jarvis’s can-do attitude is what makes Jarvis Press successful. He has been with the company for more than 24 years and enjoys that every job he works on is a little different. What is his trademark as an account executive? “I try to outsell my competition with service.”


Steve Burdette is an experienced account executive with 35 years in the printing industry. He finds print enjoyable because “telling a story through pictures and words, was, is, and will continue to be the most effective and exciting way to communicate.”

What makes Jarvis Press stand out to Susan, an account executive who has been here for 16 years? “We are an old school printer with all the bells and whistles of technology,” she says. Susan loves that the print industry has creative, fun-spirited people. She is a good listener and works hard to provide creative solutions.


Dallas Printing Company, Digital Printing Dallas, Direct Mail Dallas, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Offset Printing

9112 Viscount Row  |  Dallas, TX 75247

p. 214.637.2340   |   f.  972.263.0191

Dave Carpenter  |  President