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Dave  - President
Dave Carpenter has been in the print industry for twenty-five years and became President of Jarvis Press in 2016. He has a passion for the print medium and is excited about Jarvis's ability to enhance traditional printing with highly sophisticated variable digital printing capabilities. Jarvis is unique to Dave because of the culture: “We have a long-tenured family at Jarvis. Employees have the experience and autonomy to make decisions quickly, allowing us to meet tight deadlines and produce quality work for our clients.“


Gilbert Alonzo is Vice President of Operations for Jarvis Press. He has worked in commercial printing since 1992 in various roles including management of Prepress, Press, and Bindery departments. To Gilbert, Jarvis is unique because "we are a premier quick turn VDP commercial print facility that prides itself on its accuracy and attention to detail."

Working in print for over 30 years, Bruce has seen continuous changes that have challenged the industry- most recently being the shift to digital data-driven projects. He enjoys seeing clients embrace this new area after explaining the benefits and guiding them through the learning process. To Bruce, Jarvis is unique because “even though we are part of the RR Donnelley network, we are still run and managed on a local level where decisions can be made quickly.”


Chase began his career at Jarvis 18 years ago and believes his longevity at the company is due to his involvement in the Leadership Development Program. As part of the program, he actively worked in different departments, gaining new insights to the print industry and helping him become a well rounded account executive.


Chris Rozier has been in the print industry since 2003. He has always enjoyed manufacturing and the science behind how products are made. He has a customer service and production planning background and is always committed to delivering a quality product on time.


Mike Ritchie has been in the print industry for 38 years. He has done everything from working on a press to running a company to print sales. He enjoys watching a complex project come to fruition and the feeling that a part of him made it work.


Marilynn is approaching her 27th year with Jarvis Press and finds that her experience in print, coupled with her time spent in corporate marketing and ad agencies gives her customers the advantage of someone who can understand their needs and partner with them. Her favorite thing about the print industry is the daily challenges and the ability to offer a vast array of print and cutting edge technology products to her customers.


To Scott, Jarvis’s can-do attitude is what makes Jarvis Press successful. He has been with the company for more than 24 years and enjoys that every job he works on is a little different. What is his trademark as an account executive? “I try to outsell my competition with service.”


Rob enjoys how the print industry always keeps him on his toes, never knowing exactly what the next day is going to hold. He has been with Jarvis for 20 years and believes his ability to listen to clients, anticipate situations and provide solutions make him stand out as an account executive.

What makes Jarvis Press stand out to Susan, an account executive who has been here for 16 years? “We are an old school printer with all the bells and whistles of technology,” she says. Susan loves that the print industry has creative, fun-spirited people. She is a good listener and works hard to provide creative solutions.


Steve Burdette is an experienced account executive with 35 years in the printing industry. He finds print enjoyable because “telling a story through pictures and words, was, is, and will continue to be the most effective and exciting way to communicate.”

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